Did You Know You Can Easily Create Multiple Virtual Desktop Views in Windows 10?

There is a useful new feature in Windows 10 that is so easy to miss. It’s the ability to create multiple virtual custom desktops with a unique set of apps running in each one. It’s insanely easy to do. If you have two or more monitors you can even have more “virtual desktops”. Creating a virtual desktop allows you to create uncluttered screens with just the applications running you need. This is not new but has previously been available from third party publishers.  What can you use it for?

  • Create screens for your personal use like recipes, sports events etc.
  • Great for devoting one desktop to a project for clients

Here’s how to do it:

  • Click on the multi-view icon smalldesktop located at the bottom of your desktop screen.


You will see small thumbnail representations of the desktop. To the extreme right, you will see a [plus sign]: Click on the  +  sign to add New Desktop.

  • The new desktop appears on the bottom of the screen next to the existing one.
  • You can navigate through multiple desktops by using the keyboard combinations:  Windows key start  + Tab key.
  • To delete a desktop hover over it. You will then see an X appear. You can now delete one or all virtual desktops if you no longer need them.
  • A tip:  Pressing the  start Windows key and the [ + ] sign will magnify (zoom in) and pressing the  start and [ – ] key will zoom out. This is key combo shortcut for the Windows Magnifier tool.

Howard Sobel, Editor


Author: Howard Sobel

Co-Founder, Windows User Group Network (WUGNET) Chairman, Association of Software Professionals 2014- Present

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