Logitech Legacy Camera’s May Work with Windows 10

Some of Logitech’s older legacy products may work with Windows 10 using updated Windows 10 driver.


Not sure why I wrote this article. I think I’ve watched too many Mythbusters  episodes and now that Jamie and Adam never want to work with each other again I’ll need to bust my own myths. Sometimes that itch needs to be scratched. This is probably why I wrote this short article. I needed to find a valid excuse to avoid trimming the trees. Now I’m answering the question of the century. Will your old Logitech webcam work with Windows 10?

Webcams are pretty cheap now but what if you have an older Logitech will that old QuickCam software still work if you upgrade ? And why are you hanging on to 10-year-old technology? Maybe you’re happy with Windows Vista/7/8.x or you’ve moved on to Windows 10? Or maybe you have an older computer that wants to become a petcam.

If you’re using Windows Vista/7/ 8.x and you just need to find the driver again to reinstall you could use Driverupdate software,navigate Logitech’s website or you could risk malware infections and PUPS (Potentially Unwanted Programs) being installed on your machine trying to download old drivers from download sites that add unwanted programs in their install. My two-hour detour trying to avoid some household chores resulted in some interesting discoveries in search of ancient web cams.

Some legacy drivers will not work with Windows 10. But here’s the official list of webcams purported to work with Windows 10 directly from Logitech . Chart of Logitech’s official support under Windows 10 for older product versions.  They also have an FTP site for legacy products.

Out of curiosity, I called up my old Logitech Orbit AF from retirement

quickcamafto see if the new Windows 10 Driver lws280.exe would work. It installed but advises incompatibility issues. Knowing the consequences of drivers causing instability and crashes, I backed up my settings and was able to install the Windows 10 software for my legacy Orbit AF.  It worked! I did have to sacrifice my horizontal/vertical controls which don’t seem to be supported. But it works perfectly with Skype and I can also use it as a doggie cam in a pinch.


Author: Howard Sobel

Co-Founder, Windows User Group Network (WUGNET) Chairman, Association of Software Professionals 2014- Present

5 thoughts on “Logitech Legacy Camera’s May Work with Windows 10”

  1. This is an utterly useless “article” that seems to have posted; perhaps just because the writer HAD to come up with something for this week? maybe? (I can’t think of any practical need for it)

  2. Would be useful if you indicated which build of windows 10 it worked with as after being required by our Computing Services to update to Windows 10 version 1809 I can’t get my Oribit AF to work any more despite it working on earlier versions of Windows 10.

  3. Jeremy, Since this article is three years old the build may have been 1607. The security landscape has changed a lot in these 3 years. With so many zero-day exploits I’m not sure I would trust this old hardware even if it were to work for security reasons. With OEMS no longer supporting the old drivers they may have security flaws. On July 9, a pairing mode flaw was found in Logitech Unifying Dongles. While this flaw requires the attacker to be within wireless pairing distance (a proximity attack) it demonstrates the broad attack surface and security risks and the necessity for drivers to be able to be continuously updated. So using old orphaned hardware is no longer a good idea (in my opinion). Here’s the article on the recent Logitech Unifying vulnerability. Logitech wireless USB dongles vulnerable to new hijacking flaws

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