Fixed: Intel Graphics Control Panel Won’t Load

After hours of searching the Dell Community forums and Google searches,  I could find nothing that helped solve my problem. My Dell Inspiron 5559 just would not load the Intel Graphic Control Panel that I use to detect and control an older monitor used as a second screen.   It had been working fine but all of a sudden failed to launch. All I could see was a thumbnail.

The fix:

I tried changing the primary built-in monitor to a lower screen resolution. That worked! The Intel HD Graphics Control Panel now showed up. Once it was up I had it detect my second monitor and then returned the resolution back to the 1920×1024 recommended resolution for the built-in display.

Problem solved. I’m not sure what triggered this anomaly but it might have something to do with setting up a custom resolution on the second screen a few days prior. Dell cautions you that changing the display to a custom resolution could cause all kinds of quirky problems.

IGCP (Medium)

If you have both a Dell LCD Monitor and use a DELL notebook The IGCP may not be needed since Dell offers a Dell Display Manager for its newer monitors. I found it useful for working with the older non Dell monitor since I found that the built-in Windows Display manager would not reliably recognize the old Hitachi monitor. That’s what you get for using legacy monitors.


How To Fix A Bluetooth Mouse That Constantly Loses Connection

Press the Windows Key and type Services. Click on the Services app at the top. Choose the Services tab. Scroll down to Bluetooth User Support Service. Double click on it or Right click on it and open Properties.  Change the startup type bluetoothuserservicesto Automatic. Hope that helps.


Does it make sense to fix a notebook? Maybe?

Crisis. My 6-year-old ASUS N61Jv Intel i-5 core Nvidia G325 with 8 GB Ram finally bit the dust. Just completely stopped working. No power, no lights. Looks dead.   I had upgraded the machine to Windows 10 (originally came with Vista) and over time added an EVO SSD Drive. SuperSpeed’s Ramdrive product Ramdisk Plus/ made the machine blazingly fast since it was upgraded to 8 Gigs of ram . Ram is about 5-10’s faster than SSD storage so this thing rocked. Even though it was almost 7 years old it had USB 3.0, HDMI, several USB 2.0 ports and was obviously rock solid until this I had no reason to upgrade.  Worse yet,  I have a huge amount of software that I still use that I acquired from reviews or helping vendors with UX or registration incentives. I have backups of data. I even have system images but you never know if those system images are going to work for you when you need them. Some are locked to the MAC ID of the machine they are on and can’t be transferred without contacting the vendors. So it’s not something I really wanted to tackle this week.

I really wanted it back. But I had attempted teardowns of some machines before and the time invested sometimes just doesn’t warrant the climb.

I’m really bad at tear down. No, I take that back. I’m really good at taking things apart, but suck at putting them back together and usually have several pieces left over.

Last week, I stupidly decided to clean the machine and turned it upside down and extended the lid a bit to far than I think I should have. ( Ever heard the line if it aint’ broke don’t fix it? It’s true.  Right after my slight of hand, it failed to light up. I checked with two power adapters, took out the battery and put it back in. Somewhere, I read to take out the RAM and reseat it. Did that. Held down the power button for 20 seconds. Reset the memory. Turned it back on nothing. Did most of the usual tricks and had no luck. Reading the web forums you would suspect a motherboard problem.  I really love this machine but just can’t see pouring any more money into a six-year-old notebook that may need a motherboard. Returned to the best place to get good troubleshooting info. YouTube.  I found the most through troubleshooting video ever. Spoiler Alert: In fact, I’m pretty sure now what happened.  I noticed my old 7 hub USB 2.0 had 3 ports malfunctioning. To my highly skilled  but somewhat dulled mind, perhaps I shorted out something in the USB port cable or maybe I damaged connectors to the screen. I learned that almost any component can get toasted and that can cause the notebook to fail to start. I recommend you watch this video. Surprisingly, if you have patience you will find that there could be no less than 7 easy to fix components that could save your computer for very little cost…except that valuable commodity. Time. Here it is. Good job. carpio01. Old video but probably excellent today.

Great notebook troubleshooting for dead computer

Did you know FM Radio reception is built into Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge?

I totally overlooked this one. Unless you intensely read the specs for the Galaxy S7/Edge you might not know that Samsung included an FM receiver on a chip.  It’s more of a convenience than an earth shattering feature but it really does work. To get it to work just download an FM app from Google Play Store and plug in a pair of wired ear phones into the earphone jack. The earphone jack is essential as it functions as the FM antenna! So what’s the big attraction? If you’re trying to conserve your precious data plan and out of the car jogging you don’t have to use a lot of data to stream from the internet.  Just download one of the FM apps from the Google Play Store. FM apps.

#joggers #fmradio #Samsung S7/S7 Edge

Logitech Legacy Camera’s May Work with Windows 10

Some of Logitech’s older legacy products may work with Windows 10 using updated Windows 10 driver.

Not sure why I wrote this article. I think I’ve watched too many Mythbusters  episodes and now that Jamie and Adam never want to work with each other again I’ll need to bust my own myths. Sometimes that itch needs to be scratched. This is probably why I wrote this short article. I needed to find a valid excuse to avoid trimming the trees. Now I’m answering the question of the century. Will your old Logitech webcam work with Windows 10?

Webcams are pretty cheap now but what if you have an older Logitech will that old QuickCam software still work if you upgrade ? And why are you hanging on to 10-year-old technology? Maybe you’re happy with Windows Vista/7/8.x or you’ve moved on to Windows 10? Or maybe you have an older computer that wants to become a petcam.

If you’re using Windows Vista/7/ 8.x and you just need to find the driver again to reinstall you could use Driverupdate software,navigate Logitech’s website or you could risk malware infections and PUPS (Potentially Unwanted Programs) being installed on your machine trying to download old drivers from download sites that add unwanted programs in their install. My two-hour detour trying to avoid some household chores resulted in some interesting discoveries in search of ancient web cams.

Some legacy drivers will not work with Windows 10. But here’s the official list of webcams purported to work with Windows 10 directly from Logitech . Chart of Logitech’s official support under Windows 10 for older product versions.  They also have an FTP site for legacy products.

Out of curiosity, I called up my old Logitech Orbit AF from retirement

quickcamafto see if the new Windows 10 Driver lws280.exe would work. It installed but advises incompatibility issues. Knowing the consequences of drivers causing instability and crashes, I backed up my settings and was able to install the Windows 10 software for my legacy Orbit AF.  It worked! I did have to sacrifice my horizontal/vertical controls which don’t seem to be supported. But it works perfectly with Skype and I can also use it as a doggie cam in a pinch.